Friday, December 16, 2011

Weird finals dreams #2

This dream was all about food.

I dreamed that I was at a store trying to buy salted caramel gelato. I was really pumped about the salted caramel gelato, just as I would be in waking life. I opened up the freezer case and poked my head inside. I rifled around. There was no salted caramel gelato! I was heartbroken!

Moving my hand a few inches away though, I came upon some bar cookies. They were like fudge, with a layer of green minty stuff, and a layer of crushed nuts. I drowned my sorrows in them, and they were delicious. I also noticed some strawberry ones, but in my opinion the mint ones were much better.

Cut to a scene of me in a lawn chair. I am spooning and eating an enormous coke slushy. I don't even really like coke. Or slushies. But in my dream, the texture was amazing, and I was sad when it melted.

Weird finals dreams #1

I never feel stressed around finals. It's more like a marathon, compared to the sprint that is a regular exam. I have no real obligations other than to study . . . and keep on studying. I'm not usually sleep-deprived because I have all the daylight hours to study without juggling other activities like class and work. The stress must be there somewhere, though, because I frequently am visited by strange, vivid dreams during finals.

Last week I dreamed that one of my classmates had a swollen head, and I had to come up with a list of differential diagnoses as to why. I came up with:
Infectious: viral
Infectious: bacterial

Maybe he had turkey rhinotracheitis virus?